The LKY Musical (1 August 2015)


Adrian Pang never fails to deliver, and never fails to impress.

In fact, I bought a ticket to this musical as soon as I heard that Adrian Pang would play the lead. The second reason was that Dick Lee, whom I’ve long admired, would write the music.

Adrian Pang indeed carries the show well. He is able to capture Mr Lee’s distinctive inflections, mannerisms, gestures and gait. He is simply excellent. He is convincing in his role, portraying a character at once feared and admired.

Much have been said  in the newspaper reviews that Sharon Au is the “weakest link”, that the delivery of her dialogue feel “clumsy and unwielding”. that she is a “shadow” of her character, that her singing is “thin” as she struggles with the musical segments. I beg to differ. I think she is commendable despite a broken ankle. She did her voice trainer and vocal coach proud.

Of the supporting cast, I think Sebastian Tan is the most impressive. He is such a natural, and a surprised welcome change from his Broadway Beng persona.

The musical score by Dick Lee was absolutely charming. I am in awe of this man’s talent and musical prowess, despite his claims that he “never passed Grade 6 music theory”.

Kudos to the set-designing and production team. The superb three-storied set and multi-media projections are top of the class.

The only part I did not understand how it fits is when the second act opens with a song containing slick cheography by a shimmering, smartly-dressed five-men ensemble.


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