Book (Memoir) : Forbidden Love by Norma Khouri


This is a compelling book. it is not just about a powerful love story that ends in tragedy, but also an attempt to bring to the world’s attention the continuiing practice of honour killing in Jordon.

Dalis, a young Muslim girl living with her family in Amman, Jordon fell in love with Michael, a Catholic. Such a relationship is forbidden and Dalia paid for it with her life (murdered by her father, who went unpunished).

The author was forced to emigrate in order to be free to tell this true story. She has written a shocking and dramatic story about love and loss, friendship and strength, at the same time taking us into the hearts and minds of a world that is usually cloaked in mystery, where the ritualized murder of women are commonplace but hushed up.

After reading this book, I feel blessed and proud to be living in Singapore, where there is peace, law and order, and racial and religious harmony. People from different races and religious backgrounds co-exist. Inter-race or inter-faith marriages are not unheard of.


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