Movie : Black Mass


The title of this movie is a play on the name of the ganster Jimmy “Whitey” Bulger and the stomping ground of Boston, Massachusettes.

Johnny Depp, who plays the ganster, has been tipped as a potential Oscar winner. Depp is hardly recognisable because of the prosthetics and his acting is rated “mesmerising”.

This is a compelling story based on true events that chronicles over two decades, and is therefore intoxicating.

Bulger is an ambitious dealmaker, a vain man with a hair-trigger temper, but also who happens to be a loving father (who is devastated by his six-year-old son’s death due to Rhys Syndrome), an older brother to a senator and a beloved son.

Not only do I enjoy the story and acting, I am also heartened to note that there is appropriate use of music to enhance the plot. Not only are there more than half a dozen songs ranging from Cole Porter, Ella Fitzgerald, Carole King, The Rolling Stones to the traditional Chriatmas carols among others, there is also a generous use of cellos (solo and accompanied), violins (played on open strings or by double bowing), piano (especially notes in the lower register), drum/percussion and winds/brass (bagpipes and clarinet) to enhance the different moods and atmosphere (eg the use of tremolos, crescendo and accelerando).


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