Book : Deep Freeze by Lisa Jackson

Having enjoyed a number of books by Jackson in the last few years, I decided to read Deep Freeze, a “terrifying story of spellbinding suspense”.

The story is about a killer who only kills in the winter. The tone is already set at the beginning: “It seems that things always get worse when the temperature drops”.

Jenna Hughes is the most famous resident of Falls Crossings, where the ex-movie actress went after her divorce to escape the paparazzi of Hollywood. She needs some time and space for herself and her two daughters and for a chance to be a regular mom. Yet she cannot shake off the sensation that soomething is about to happen: something that she wouldn’t like, something intimately evil. The first clues are when the items she donates to the local theatre – a ring, earrings, two bracelets, scarf, a pair of sunglasses, three pairs of shoes and a black dress – disappear mysteriously. She always feels that she is being followed, even before she receives a creepy note that says:

You are every woman.

Sensual. strong. Erotic.

You are one woman.

Searching. Wanting. Waiting.

You are my woman.

Today. Tomorrow. Endlessly.

I will come for you.

This is from an obsessive fan, who is an unbalanced person, psychotic, an abductor of women, a madman and a pervert. Frozen bodies of his victims (all women shaved bald and given a smile like Jenna’s) are found before this culprit is hunted down. Who is he? He “prided himself upon being a near-perfect specimen, a man any woman would want, a man who only wanted one woman, a man who intends to have that one, unique woman, a man who intends to have that woman soon”. He could be any of the good-looking men in town, even the helpful neighbour.

This book is gripping enough, but I think other books that I’ve read by Jackson (eg Mystery Man, The Night Before, Twice Kissed, If She Only Knew, His Bride to Be, Born To Die, Absolute Fear, Almost Dead, Zachary’s Law and How She Dies) are comparable, if not better. After this, I shall take a break from this genre and read something entirely different.



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