Book : All The Words Are Yours

This book of Haiku on love by Tyler Knott Gregson is the result of six years and more than two thousand heartfelt poems posted online.

Traditionally, haiku are about the natural world. While some in the book do not have a seasonal or natural theme, Gregson believes there is no force more natural, or fully unexplored, than love. Here, he challenges himself to notice the smaller, subtler manifestations of the emotion.

Some examples are:

(1)  We are a sad song

Sung in a beautiful voice

Haunting but hopeful.

(2)  Houses are not homes,

We’re not made of bricks and stones,

Home is you and me.

(3)  Living is a choice

And we must make it each day

The moment we wake.

(4)  Let’s grow like the trees

So when we fall like the leaves

None will question us.

(5)  Love me as I am,

See me for who I will be,

Forgive who I was.

(6)  I want to be loved

As intensely as I love

With the same passion.

(7)  You are more than words,

And the letters that make them,

You are poetry.


Such beautiful words!


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