Book : Glad To Be Grey

This book is written and illustrated by Clive Whichelow. It is another humorous book, especially for people “of a certain age”. Every topic (and I counted 39) comes with a colourful illustration, even the Introduction.

I particularly enjoyed the ones on

  • “The Advantages Of Not Having To Use A Computer”,
  • “The Advantages  Of Not Depending on A Mobile Phone”,
  • “Why You Prefer Books To E-Readers”,
  • “Things That Older People Know That Youngsters Don’t”,
  • “Why Your Social Life Is Better”,
  • “How You Can Still Surprise People”,
  • “Things That Just Don’t Happen When You’re Young”,
  • “Things You Can Do That Youngsters Can’t”.

I really must look out for more books like this — so uplifting and inspiring!


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