Book : Just Little Things : A Celebration Of Life’s Simple Pleasures by Nancy Vu

While waiting for the library’s Book Club meet to start, I browsed through the shelves and stumbled upon this little gem.

The 248 pages containing little things that make everyday life a joy. This delightful collection is based on the blog –  consisting of colourful posts cataloging the small joys in life.

The writer said it all in the Introduction when she said: Too often in our fast-paced world, the small details that bring us joy go unnoticed, overshadowed by the stress and obligaitons of our daily routines … … we can shift our perception of life, and rediscover happiness, by paying attention to these simple everyday delight.

Some of the little things are:

  • Hearing an  old song you used to love.
  • Finishing a really good book.
  • Knowing all the words to a song.
  • Singing in the shower.
  • Opening a brand new book.
  • Your favourite part of a song.
  • A stream of good songs in a row.
  • Rereading your favourite book.
  • Walking to the beat of the song you’re listening to.
  • The smell of old books.
  • Getting lost in a book.

There are so many others. This is her first book, published in 2013. I hope there is another compilation. It just feels different reading about these little glimmers of joy in a book than off the computer screen.


2 thoughts on “Book : Just Little Things : A Celebration Of Life’s Simple Pleasures by Nancy Vu

  1. I fully appreciate these little delights. Just completed reading The Blue Between Sky and Water by Susan Abulhawa, first published April 2015, 304 pages. It’s a gripping story.

    And of course my all-time favorite Black Beauty.

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