Movie : A Case Of You (DVD, 2013)

I like kd lang’s cover of A Case Of You, a Joni Mitchell hit, very much, but I can’t say the same for the movie with the same title.

Sam (Justin Long) is a “hack writer”, meaning he writes novels that are already existing, and Birdie (Evan Rachel Wood) is a coffee shop girl he is smitten with. To woo her, he assumes a profile based on her Facebook page so that he’ll be her ideal guy – someone who plays the guitar, reads books like The Origins Of Species and The Teachings Of Don Juan, listens to songs by Joan Baez (in particular, Diamonds and Rust), loves Judo, pedicures. dancing, French cuisine/cooking, drinking bourbon, rock climbing and acquiring tattoos. Surprisingly, this hairbrained scheme is a success and Birdie falls in love with him though she eventually admits that she has known from early on about the ‘profile thing’ without telling him because he’s “not the most subtle guy in the world”.

Other than the music played at the closing scene (it’s very romantic and soothing though I do not recognise it), and the fact that this film explores some of the ridiculous things people do in a courtship, there is nothing to shout about.


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