Book : Why Girls Love Bags : A Celebration of a Girl’s Best Friend

Being a lover of bags, who had a collection of scores of handbags at one time, I naturally gravitated towards this book, which also has an attractive, glossy cover.

Written by Georgina Harris, an author and journalist on matters of life and style, (she also has an extensive collection of bags), the words are concise and succinct. The illustrator, Sam Wilson, is a very successful artist, and her drawings are good beyond good.

Every page in this hardcover book is accompanied by an illustration – even the reverse sides of the front and back covers. Anyone who loves bags would not be able to resist this book.

Why does the bag have such an universal appeal, especially for girls? Well, for one thing, the search for the perfect bag which eloquently expresses our personality is a lifelong quest. For another thing, it is the loyal companion that travels with us and keep our life equipment safe.

Then, there is the ‘celebrity factor’ that inspires us to either ‘avoid wearing the same bag twice’ or use the same bag constantly, as ‘worn leather, the sheen of experience, and a clasp polished over years add a subtle but discerning glamour’ to our style. Next, it is the ‘perfect compliment’ for an outfit, making the owner feel different, better and more beautiful.

The following are some of the bags illustrated, and what they say about the personality of the owner:

  • Classic Chic (iconic style) – elegant purse (strong, sweet and stylish)

– bassel bag (‘the wider your bag, the slimmer your waist looks’)

– the It bag (‘bag of the season’ buys)

– the classic (smart, snappy and sleek)

– leather luxury (which gets better with age)

– small and chic (simplicity)

– solid elegance ( a sheen of history and experience)

– slouchy style (truly successful)

  • Everyday Elegance (beautiful and reliable) – retro shopper/tote (relaxed yet indispensable)

– accessorize with silk scarf (new look)

– oversized (maximum capability and minimum fuss)

– satchel (fun yet functional)

– drawstring (practical but pretty)

  • A Piece of Heaven (evening delights/a bag of beauty) – the evening bag (carries hopes and dreams)

– bouquet bag (blooms like the summer rose)

– floral clutch (vibrant, summery)

  • Fun Bags (fun and glamorous) – rucksacks (no strain on the back, pocket or personal style)

– a simple tote (with eye-catching detail/texture brings about a smile)

– tassels (sexy, alluring swing)

– fringed bag (adds zing; a gorgeous style)

There are even famous quotes :

“Seek not to be rich, but happy. The one lies in Bags, the other in Content: which wealth can never go.” William Penn (1644-1718)

“A happy heart is better than a full purse.” (Chinese proverb)

“Simplicity is making the journey of this life with just baggage enough.” Charles Dudley Warner (1829-1900)

“Take, if you must, this little bag of dreams, unloose the cord, and they will wrap you round.” William Butler Yeats (1865-1939)

“Make tomorrow a new start; take all the pains of the past, and all the disappointments – then pack them in a bag and throw them in the river.” (American proverb)



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