Book : One Way or Another by Elizabeth Adler

This is the latest book of another author whose books I always pick out without even reading the blurb. Interestingly, a yacht is featured prominently here, as in The Power Trip that I read recently. Here is a story of abduction, of attempted murder, of molestation and drugs. It is about a sick man’s fantasy, a sociopath with power and money, a keeper of secrets, a beguiling self-deprecating demeanor, with an eager freindliness and charm about him.

Another place prominently featured is a house on the moor, that gives off waves of animosity, called Marshmellows. The owner of both the yacht and the house realises that “when you could have anything you wanted you suddenly found you wanted nothing”.

The story begins with a party on a beautiful evening on a yacht where an attempted murder takes place. Thus begins a quest for revenge that will take place through the book, one way or another.

This story would make a good script for a movie, what with

  • a fireworks display… thirty minutes of glorious light and colour and explosions, set off by the…music of Tchaikovsky’s rowdy 1812 Overture, then, so gently, so perfectly, when it was over, to Chopin’s Piano Etudes played on two white grand pianos on deck…;
  • The band – an orchestra, really, a good old-fashioned set of music with saxaphones and trumpets and violins  take their places near the newly-installed dance floor… Outside, the rock group, a street-chic bunch, rather sweet guys who were … used to weekend gigs in suburbia…strumming a few chords;
  • Music filtered up from the terraces, arc lights swept the night sky, chattering voices, laughter, the wonderful smell of food…;
  • Music swelled from the drawing room that was big enough to have been called a ballroom … while the orchestra played “Strangers In The Night” with a nice extra touch of violins…

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