Book : 47 Things You Can Do For The Environment by Lexi Petronis

After attending a very interesting library group discussion on Climate Change, I borrowed this book among all the others on display because it caught my attention with its small and compact size, yet gives us practical tips on what we can do to make a difference.

The planet is in trouble. Everywhere, people talk about how air pollution is causing the earth’s climate to change , how logging and oil-drilling are ruining natural habitats, and how trash is overflowing into our waterways and so on. This book tells us facts, tips and creative ideas on how to make eco-responsible living simple and accessible.

Some of these simple, yet meaningful, ways we can help to protect the environment on a daily basis are:

  • When shaving, use soap and water instead of shaving cream as shaving cream containers are not easy to recycle; use 100% recycled and recyclable razors;
  • Choose front-loading washing machines as they use up to 50% less water;
  • Don’t just toss out old shoeboxes (can be an art supplies box or make-up box etc), old half-used spiral notebooks ( can be a new scorecard for Scrabble), old shopping bag (can be a new gift bag) or an old suitcase (can be a lounge pad for the pet cat or dog);
  • Reuse paper before tossing it into the recycled bin (eg, using the backs of old photocopies);
  • Switch off the computer and turn out the lights when not in use;
  • Use a refillable and washable mug or thermos at coffee shops;
  • Reuse old clothing, recycled plastic bags, and
  • Reduce the use of cars and petrol.

All these simple tips help us realise that we must create a lifestyle that reflects our love for the environment and do something to help protect it on a daily basiss. We must treat the Earth as a precious place to be treaded gently upon, and handed down from one generation to the next.


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