Book : 100 Sounds To See by Marsha Engle

Anybody who loves photography would love this book. In fact, the blurb says, ” This wonderful gem of a book rings clear and true like a well-tuned piano.”

With all the distractions that are part of our waking hours, it is no wonder that the simplest sounds of an ordinary day are taken for granted. Sounds like

  • the crackling of ice,
  • the pattering raindrops on a rooftop,
  • the rumbling of an approaching storm,
  • the rustling of leaves,
  • the whistling of a tea kettle,
  • the clicking of a lock,
  • the zooming of planes overhead,
  • the ringing of the telephone,
  • the closing of a door,
  • a ball bouncing,
  • a ting of the spoon in a cup,
  • a splash of a puddle,
  • the wash of an iincoming tide,
  • the crunch of an apple,
  • the scratch of a pencil

are so commonplace that we seldom – if at all – take time to appreciate them. Yet, when the ability to hear these sounds are taken away – as in Marsha Engle’s case – we are humbly reminded of their value.

William J Huber helped to capture 100 pictures of the sounds Marsha Engle could no longer hear in stunning photographs. This unique breathtaking book is a treasure that reminds us of an important life lesson: what is so normal is really quite profound. It reminds us that in this world of stress, fear and anxiety, the subtle, soft and easy-to-miss sounds are really rich and nurturing. As we listen to our world, we are listening to our life.



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