Book : Silly Signs (published by Arcturus Publishing Limited, 2012)

Most signs are boring, efficient and simple and give information with a minimum of fuss. In this collection of silly signs and ridiculous notices from around the world – from crazy commands and weird warnings to those with double meanings and mad spellings – are all sorts of funny examples. Some of these are :

  • No Exit From Burial Site;
  • Curved Yellow Fruit 40c;
  • You Are Leaving The Ski Resort. You Can Die. This Is Your Decision;
  • Justin Payne Dentistry;
  • BMUP (painted on a road);
  • SOTP (painted on the road);
  • SHCOOL (painted on the road);
  • Mountain-climbing Only. Can Not Go Buying Black Eggs Shop;
  • Vacancy In Heaven. Reservation Required;
  • Parking For Drive-Through Service Only;
  • Drive Slowly See Our Village. Drive Fast See A Judge. Speed Limits Strictly Enforced;
  • Warning: Please Look Under Your Vehicles For Penguins (sign at Table Mountain National Park);
  • Sorry For Your Uninconvenience;
  • No Trespassing Without Permission;
  • Very Suspicious Supermarket (sign outside a supermarket in Taiwan);
  • The Best Place In Town To Take A Leak (sign outside a car workshop);
  • My Father Was Killed By Ninjas. Need Money For Karate Lessons (cardbpard sign held by a young man on a street);
  • No Littering: Violators Will Be Fine;
  • Police Arrest Men In Socks (Times headliner);
  • Vehicles Must Not Be Parked In The Toilets;
  • Penguins Only Beyond This Point;
  • Our Public Bar Is Presently Not Open Because It Is Cl;osed;
  • Please Do Not Try To Squeeze Child-sized Hats Onto Adult Heads!

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