Book : My Mother’s Secret by Sheila O’Flanagan

It was just as well that I didn’t read the blurb before borrowing this book because after reading it, I find the blurb actually didn’t capture the essence of the novel, which has three parts: The Party, The Storm and The Wedding. Surprisingly, the most interesting section occurs one-third way through the book : the secret is revealed at the end of Part  I and the beginning of Part 2, after which I didn’t enjoy the story as much as some of her other novels that I’ve read (He’s Got To Go, Isobel’s Wedding, Too Good To Be True, Anyone But Him, How Would I Know?, My Favourite Goodbye, Yours, Faithfully, Bad Behaviour, Someone Special, Stand By Me, A Season To Remember, All For You, Better Together and Things We Never Say).

Nevertheless, I savour some of the lines:

  • Everyone in Ireland would like climate change to mean better summers, but maybe not humid like … Singapore … hot and sticky;
  • Ireland was some kind of symbolic maelstrom where things got done by luck rather than intent;
  • No Dubliner wasted money on rent when they could be at home, even if they were contributing to living expenses;
  • When you are in a different country, you live to the rhythm of that country. You are caught up in your life and you don’t think of anything else;
  • What I deserve and what I end up with are two completely different things;
  • I hate people who make things complicated. You say one thing and mean something else. Life’s too short;
  • Everyone makes mistakes. Even people you think never do. And everyone neeeds forgiveness. Everyone has the power to forgive.

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