book : Everyday Calm by Laurel Alexander

This is a pocket-sized book that contains 365 parctical solutions for self-improvement, turning a world of worry into an oasis of calm, one day at a time. It aims to help the reader focus the mind and take control of life and find the inner peace.

We need to achieve a certain level of serenity in our daily life that is full of stress. We can do this by incorporating some of the actions suggested that will influence how calm we can feel, and which will improve our mental and physical well-being.

Some of the suggested activities are:

  • Go swimming today;
  • Walking (eg to the beach);
  • See a friend;
  • Make a connection;
  • Smile;
  • Achieve calm with poetry;
  • Dance your way to calm;
  • Listen to music;
  • Gaze at the stars;
  • Read a book;
  • Have a relaxing bath;
  • Go to the movies;
  • Learn to play a musical instrument;
  • Count the positives;
  • List your achievements;
  • Be your own best friend;
  • Play with children;
  • Start saying ‘no’;
  • Slow down;
  • Squeeze a stress ball;
  • Relax your mind.

Each of the 365 activities is described on one page, complete with explanations, tips and come with colourful illustrations by Michelle Tilly. There is also a page for “assessment” at the end of every month to let the reader think about the activities and whether any of these ideas worked. Finally, there are several pages at the end of the book for the reader to write down their thoughts and any personal notes.


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