Book : Girl Talk

With the International Wemen’s Day celebrated barely a week ago, finding this book brought a smile to my face. In her introduction, author Kathy Lette said, “the wit and wisdom of this book will offer some pun-in-cheek female solidarity” as women are “more verbally dexterous” and “use an average of 400 extra words in our daily vocabulary”.

Here are some witty quotes, all of which come with colourful and quirky illustrations:

On Dating: Named after a diary, it clearly means many dates and gambling with fate and losing many times!

  • Change a man : “Never delude yourself that you can change a man: the only time you can do that is out of a nappy when he’s a baby!
  • Historian : Date an historian – he’ll never think you’re too old.

On Marriage : It’s so blissful to discover your altar-ego but over half of all marriages end in divorce.

  • Breakup : Many couples break up for religious reasons – he thinks he’s God, and well,she just doesn’t.
  • What does a woman want in bed? Breakfast!

On Motherhood :

  • Kids are like Ikea appliances – you have no idea how much assembly is required until it’s too late!
  • Working mums juggle so much we could be Cirque du Soleil. Just remember that you can have it all, ONLY not all at once.

On Ageing

  • Forget facelifts. Men should learn to read between our lines.
  • Cosmetic surgeons are NOT real doctors. The reason they wear those little green masks is so they can’t be recognised if anything goes wrong.

Finally, why do men like intelligent women? Because opposites attract!

This is an enjoyable read and a feast for the eyes!



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