Book : Kitty Love

This is a delightful photo book about how kittens play. Published by Sterling Publishing Co in Canada, each photo is accompanied by a humorous caption about the affectionate kittens.

Whether the cats are on the prowl, hugging on a rug, cuddling on a couch, playing among the grass, wrestling with each other, taking candle lit baths, sharing pillow talk, catching a catnap, lazing around, swinging on a hammock, sharing a ball of yarn, snuggling on a fluffy towel, having a shared dinner, singing together, sharing a kiss, looking at their reflection, walking on the beach, dancing together, whispering sweet nothings, cuddling in the hay, breaking something, doing yoga, tickling each other, spooning together, lounging or snoozing, there are colourful photos to accompany them.

These photos are so adorable that I will look for a book called “Puppy Love” in the same series!


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