Book : The Sound of Sch

The first time I met Danielle Lim, the author, was at a private gathering of writers, would-be-writers and like-minded people eight months ago. Then I was fortunate enough to attend a talk she gave to the participants of a Memoir Writing Class a week ago. I read her book yesterday, in one sitting.

The Sound of Sch : A Mental Breakdown   A Life Journey  has as its theme a man’s (her uncle’s) struggles and torment with mental illness and the sacrifices, love, courage and dignity of his caregiver (his sister, the author’s mother). It is an honest and moving account.

Some lines struck a deep chord in me:

  • Arthritis can really squeeze the tears out of you;
  • Does life ever go on the same way with each passing day? Something in the world changes, and this changes something within us, we are no longer the same…
  • Grief is a strange phenomenon;
  • Life is always flowing, moving forward, history is about moving forward, not just abour the past.

Lim wrote on the last page that : It took one day for her (mother) to make a promise but it took thirty years for her to honour a promise. This, for me, was the most impactful of all.


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