Movie : Love Lifting (DVD; 2012)

Inspired by a true story at the 2008 Beijing Olympic Games, this movie features Taiwanese actress Tien Niu, whose movies I grew up watching. It has been at least a couple of decades since I last saw her on the big screen. This is also the first time I’ve watched a movie starring To Chapman and Elanne Kwong, who also sang the theme song in the Cantonese dialect.

Kwong plays Li Li, a professional weightlifter asked to quit the sports because she had diabetes. She goes to Hong Kong to start a new life and meets Shi Yun at Tien Niu’s house. They fall in love, got married and had a kid and lead a simple but happy life. As the 2008 Olympic Games approach, Li recalls her dream of being an Olympic medallist. Yun is supportive of her ambition and convinces her to take up weightlifting again. One day, Yun is unexpectedly knocked down by a fast-moving van across the road where Li is waiting for him. This is the most touching scene in the entire movie. Before he succumbed to his injuries, he tells Li of his last wish to see her shine at the Olympics. Li is determined to fulfill his last wish.

I am more impressed by Tien Niu’s landlady role than the two leads. I hope to see Tien Niu in a meatier role on the big screen.


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