Switching Parents (1993)

This is a dramatisation of events surrounding the adoption of a boy known as Gregory K, played by a ten-year-old Joseph Gordon-Levitt.

At the Lake County Boy’s Ranch at Altoona, Florida in 1991, a young Gregory  caught the attention of a man who was looking to adopt. Neither of his estranged parents could look after him (the eldest of three boys): both were alcoholics, dad physically abused the children and mum sometimes took drugs and didn’t care about the children.

Abandoned and neglected by his biological parents, Gregory was so happy with his foster parents who already had eight other children that he got upset and said he would rather go back to the Boy’s Ranch when the state tried to give custody back to his mother after she supposedly turned over a new leaf. So the foster parents told him about his rights and got him a lawyer. If the petition got accepted, Gregory might be the first kid in America to bring suit on his own parents on his own behalf to terminate his parents’ rights. Children are people, not propeerty. Their voices need to be heard.

Gordon-Levitt was so cute and adorable and his acting was very natural and convincing, so much so that I’m more impressed by him here than the movies he’s made in recent years!


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