Obsession Falls

Having recently read Christina Dodd’s Virtue Falls, of course I picked out this sequel-of-sorts without hesitation. This latest novel (published 2015) takes place in the same little town called Virtue Falls in Washington, an idyllic place which holds close its secrets. Taylor Summers returns to Wildrose Valley to visit her childhood home that she had left when she was ten years old when her parents divorced. Instead of reminiscising about her childhood at her father’s ranch, she witnesses a kidnapping and an impending killing. To save the young boy, she distracts the killers; as a result, she loses everything (including her career, her reputation and her identity) and is on the run, barely surviving a brutal winter.

The pace is quick, with each chapter consisting of four to five pages, and this style of writing draws this reader into the story as though watching a suspense movie. Before long (about ninety pages), Part 1 ended.

At Virtue Falls, Summers manages to find a temporary job as a serve staff and runs into the killer and witnesses him being shot by the mastermind. This second part, barely thirty pages, ends and in the next twenty pages we find Summers has somehow stumbled upon a kind librarian in town. (Part 3 is called “The New Girl In Town”.) This brings us to Part 4: The Game, where Summers takes on a pseudonym. This is the bulk of the story – all the way to the end (approximately 250 pages). It is an absolute thrill ride. There is a twist at the end which makes me think there may be another sequel.


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