Mean Streak

This 2015 novel starts with Dr Emory Charbonneau, a paediatrician and marathon runner falling and getting a concussion on a mountain road while training for a marathon, a charity fund-raiser that she had initiated and helped to organise. She was rescued by a nameless man who looks as though he had a mean streak. She had no idea what caused her concussion and everything that had taken place since she regained consciousness in his rustic cabin seemed beyond the realm of possibility.

Meanwhile, her husband indulged in his extramarital affair with her friend and did not report her missing until 48 hours later, which made the investigators suspect that he had something to do with Emory’s disappearance. One motive could be that a sizeable estate was involved. Emory was an heiress and she didn’t move her pot of gold to his money management firm when they married. She had not wanted to endorse a drug which he had talked up to his clients as sound investment. She outshone him on every front. She was well-known for her philanthrophy. In all the write-ups about her, his name was always a footnote. She was beloved by her patients, but his clients blamed him if the economic news wasn’t good. He was jealous of her success as a human being. He chafed. He resented the role of unappreciated hanger on, a shadow in her dazzling presence. He went in search of attention and affection, and enjoyed a lot of both.

The story gets more and more intriguing as the sub-plots are weaved together. Two events occured three thousand miles apart. Was this coincidence? What possible link could they have to each other?  What is going on? When it rears its ugly head… well, would it be too ugly?

An unexpected twist in the story is when Emory goes missing again… The events are bizarre; and the FBI is involved. Will Emory survive this second misadventure? If she does, could she survive the soul-crushing betrayal? The story is so full of jolts and surprises that I stayed up well past my bedtime because adrenaline cruised through my veins and I just HAD to find out the ending, which is totally unexpected and shocking.

This is truly a wildly compelling novel. Containing nail-biting suspense and potent storytelling, it is no wonder that Sandra Brown’s novels are so well-loved all over the world! Her next novel is keenly awaited!


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