Money Monster

This drama-thriller is co-produced by George Clooney’s Smokehouse Pictures, directed by Oscar-winning actress Jodie Foster and stars George Clooney and Julia Roberts, two of Hollywood’s biggest stars.

The theme here is how different people deal with failure: a hedge fund guy (played by Dominic West), a young man (played by newcomer Jack O’Connell) who holds a TV show host (played by George Clooney) hostage with a gun and a bomb vest –  they all have no faith in themselves and measure their value in money.

George Clooney is a top Wall Street television host, and gives financial advice on his show Money Monster, and Julia Roberts is the programme’s director Patty. A fan Kyle (Jack O’Connell) lost his life savings (which was dismissed as “a glitch in the algorithm”) and decides to seek justice and forcefully takes over the studio. The best part of the movie is when the standoff is first broadcast on live TV; the tension and suspense is felt even more keenly because the whole duration is totally devoid of music!

There are scenes involving the SWAT teams and crowds of thousands of people. There are also scenes expounding corporate greed and its global consequences. There are even moral equivocation like “We are human beings, not computers. We have a conscience”, referring to live television reporting. There is also the sense that many people are filled with rage about the abuse of technology and the financial system.

The fast pace at which the teams must work in order to unravel the mystery behind a conspiracy makes watching this movie a nail-biting ride.


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