Paws for Thought

This pictorial book by Assistance Dogs Australia (a charity) contains lots of beautiful and colourful (full-page) photographs of cute and adorable puppies, all accompanied by humorous, meaningful and inspiring quotes.

These incredible dogs, trained in specialised commands – such as loading a washing machine, opening and closing doors, pressing the pedestrian buttons at lights, and improving communication, empathy and motor skills of a child diagnosed with autism – make a dramatic difference for their owners in giving them a better quality of life.

Every single page is a delight and a feast to the eyes! Some quotes which accompany the lovely photos are:

  • Finding the meaning of life takes years, but innocence in life can be found every day.
  • Waiting and watching brings wisdom – listen and learn and do so without resentment. Patience is golden.
  • Life can be scary but don’t even let a shadow of your former self prevent you from achieving greatness.
  • The world is round but everyone in the world has a different view so appreciate everyone’s unique outlook.
  • Friends come and go in life, but sleep soundly knowing family will always have your back.
  • The paws of a pup make our hearts melt with devotion.
  • Some things you carry around in life might be uncomfortable, but don’t ever hesitate to lighten the load and ask for help.
  • Work hard, play hard; but at the end of a long hard day, don’t feel guilty about putting your feet up!
  • Whether you have a close family or not, there will always be someone’s shoulder somewhere you can lean on.
  • Life gets busy; we all grow up, but don’t forget to make time for the people you love the most.
  • Never lose sight of the bigger picture, but most importantly never forget to embrace each day – run, laugh, dance and live in the moment.
  • Take time to appreciate life; look up, look around, treasure the moments you have and love the life you live.
  • Dogs make us appreciate what really matters in life – love, affection, loyalty and family.
  • If the struggle seems too hard, remember why you keep holding on. Don’t ever give up on your dreams.
  • Life flies by so quickly, don’t neglect to take time out for yourself. Reconnect and appreciate the silence.
  • Sometimes life brings sadness, but happiness and success will always triumph.
  • We may not always be confident in life but never be afraid to look around for guidance.
  • Take pleasure in the simple things in life – unleash your curiosity and your imagination and creativity will flow!

I must look out for more such wonderful books.


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