Chasing the Dime

I have seen Michael Connelly’s books on the libraries shelves countless number of times but was never tempted to pull any out. Somehow, the spine of this one called out to me. I read the blurb and praise for it  and decided to borrow it when I realised he is the author of The Lincoln Lawyer, on which a movie was based, and which I quite enjoyed.

The protagonist is Henry Pierce, a chemist who founded Amedeo Technologies to build a computer out of molecules. At the beginning of the novel, Henry is still obsessed with Nicole James, with whom he has just broken up. Nicole was the Director of Competitive Intelligence and the company’s Public Information Officer and treated the job like a job whereas Henry treats his job like it is his life.

Henry moves into a new apartment but the first time he checks his phone messages he discovers that someone had the number before him. The messages are for a woman named Lilly and Henry is drawn into Lilly’s world, a world of escort services, websites and secret identities. Lilly is in some kind of danger and Henry abandons his orderly life in order to save her, someone he never met.

Alas, when Henry finds her, she is in a freezer in a unit in a storage facility. Because he is a scientist, Henry pieced all the happenings from different angles and, using some basic case logic, realises that Lilly was murdered simply as way to get to him. Now, putting aside the horror of the present moment, he wonders why he is the target and why the elaborate plot. Could it be something else? And who are the perpetrators?

When all is revealed, I can only say that Connelly is extremely clever and entirely credible. Still, I think his novels would be more exciting if I can watch them on the big screen.


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