Middle of Nowhere

To give myself a break from reading for long hours, I decided to watch this DVD (2008) that a friend passed to me some time back.

Grace Berry (played by Eva Amurri) is a bright and beautiful 19-year-oldl with an ugly credit trust. She is denied a student loan because her mother Rhonda (played by Susan Sarandon) had not paid off the debts on the credit cards in Grace’s name. Grace has to work at a water amusement park to make money for school as she wants to be a doctor. She meets Dorian Spitz (played by Anton Yelchin), another lifeguard, who deals with drugs on the side. At first, Dorian makes Grace just wait in her car while he carries out the transactions. Later, he suggests she joins him in the business to make more money. As Rhonda insists there’s no need for Grace to go to college, Grace agrees to drug trafficking using the ruse of delivering coffee to clients.

Grace has a younger sister, Taylor (Willa Holland), whom Rhonda hopes to groom to be a model like she once was. However, Taylor stumbles upon the fact that her father committed suicide because Rhonda had an affair with his brother. She also found out that Rhonda had squandered the inheritence  her father left for his two daughters. The sisters are mad at their mother. Grace reveals that she sells drugs to save money for college and Taylor chops off her long and luscious hair and joins Grace in pedalling drugs.

In the meantime, Dorian finds his birth mother who was forced to give him up for adoption because she had been only 15. Disappointed by her cold reception, Dorian returns home to his uncle but is forced to leave home for good when his secret stash of illegal drugs is found. He decides to make a deal with a rival and gets badly beaten up in exchange for a large sum of money. He gives the money to Grace for college in exchange for her father’s beat-up car. The movie ends with them parting ways.

This is not one of the best movies I’ve watched; in fact, I was able to complete several sudoku puzzles during the movie. I’ve never watched Eva Amurri and Willa Holland before, and have only a vague idea of who Anton Yelchin is. Neither did I recognise any of the 19 songs in the movie. The best thing I can say about this movie is that Susan Sarandon’s performance is top notch, as always.


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