Sons of Fortune

While rearranging my book shelf the other day, I saw Sons of Fortune by Jeffery Archer, a book that I read more than a decade ago. I decided to re-read it before bringing it to the Book Exchange Corner at the public library.

The story revolves round a set of dizygotic twins separated at birth and spans more than four-and-a-half decades across three generations. Besides relationships among a multitude of characters, there are secrets, rivalry, deceit, treachery, murder, courtroom drama and politics (everywhere, including educational and public institutions, and the world of banking and finance).

Though I was reading it for the second time, I found the book simply absorbing, engrossing and unputdownable. the turns and twists of fate make it a terrific page-turner. There are seven books in this 503-page volume titled Genesis, Exodus, Chronicles, Acts, Judges, Revelation and Numbers, which correspond to the main and sub plots. This unique style results in one of the best storytelling techniques I’ve come across.

It is such an enjoyable read that I’m sure if it’s made into a movie, it would be both captivating and entertaining; though it would be near-impossible to depict certain underlying significance on the big screen


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