No Way Jose

Jose Stern (Adam goldberg, director and co-producer) is an indie-rocker playing children’s parties. On the verge of turning 40, he is at a crossroads in his relationship. When his fiancee discovers a dark secret, she kicks him out and he finds himself on the couch of his married-with-children friend, who is in the throes of his own mid-life crisis. Jose reflects on his past. He seeks counsel from his burnt-out friends, dysfunctional family and a troubled ex-girlfriend – all in an effort to find himself and perhaps the love of his life.

This movie (2015) was not played in cinemas here and I guess that’s becaused the distributors were as disappointed as I was with the dialogues and acting. The only saving grace was that the children were all so cute and adorable!

I picked out this DVD because it features music from The Beach Boys, Three Dog Night, Harry Nilsson as well as original songs by Goldberg. Other music I enjoyed include Erick Satie’s Gymnopedie No 1 and Carlos Almaran’s Historia De Un Amor.


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