Zen Penguins



Zen is about mindfulness, living in the moment, looking within, and being flexible. To the careful observer, there is something profound about a lot of penguin behaviour that feels like the embodiment of Zen. Penguins do truly seem to live in the moment.

Most of us will never see a penguin in its natural habitat and this delightful little book shows a lot about what penguins can teach us, as little Zen masters. The photographs are taken by Jonatnan Chester from his many Antartic expeditions and are nothing short of amazing. This book is a collaborative effort with Patrick Regan. The words and images are beautiful and inspiring:

  • The way to do is to be. (Magellanic penguins, Saunder Island, Falkland Islands)
  • If you are falling … dive. (Adelie penguins, Paulet Island, Northwestern Weddell Sea)
  • To be truly on the path, get off the path. (Gentoo penguins, Trinity Island, Antartic Peninsula)
  • Do not seek the meaning of lilfe. Seek the experience of being alive. (Emperor penguin, Amery ice Shelf, Antartica)



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