Land Ho!


This 2014 film has a cast of unknowns and a simple story, but it is delightful and beautiful!

Mitch, a retired surgeon, convinces Colin, his ex-brother-in-law (they were married to sisters), to embark on an unplanned trip to Iceland. The odd couple sets off on a road trip that takes them through Reykjavik to the outback ( The Golden Circle, Gullfoss, Strokkur and Landmanna-Laugar).  Their picturesque adventures through Iceland evolve into a candid exploration of aging, lonliness and friendship.

Watching this film is more pleasant and real than just watching a documentary to see the beautiful autumn leaves, the ducks in the waters and the quaint little houses. The world’s most famous waterfall (Gullfoss) is spectacular and the geysers are so much fun, like big explosions.The waves, natural boulders, wild life, the vast expanse of land/fields/mountains, and the snow-covered mountain tops are exquisite.

Despite the absolutely amazing sights that are so invigorating, we are reminded that time changes and people change. Life is too short to sit still.


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