This must be the thirty-third Karen Robards novel that I’ve read. Just like her other romantic thrillers, I expected another captivating story, with suspense, tension and profound emotions.

The opening paragraph is arresting: The Houston mansion was huge. Dark. Deserted.

Riley Cowan’s former father-in-law is in jail, accused of financial fraud. Hundreds of millions in investors’ money are unaccounted for. Her ex-husband Jeff’s death looked like suicide. But was it? Is someone trying to send a message? Delving too deep might make Riley, Jeff’s mum and sister targets. For the three of them, Jeff’s death was the ultimate nightmare of the culmination of nearly a year of terrible events. Riley has Jeff’s mobile phone, which contained all the material he had put together on the other questionable deaths and possibly photos of his killers and who knew what information besides.

Riley’s father had abandoned the family when she was 8; her mother died when whe was 17. She had a younger sister who was born with a congenetal heart condition and died about six months before she met Jeff. She is smart (has a deegree in finance and has her own investment firm) and caring.

Finn Bradley is a FBI “asset recovery specialist” sent to check out Cowan Investments which had a large number of investments from suspect sources in 137 accounts in far-flung places such as Singapore.

Solving this puzzle means the pressure on both Riley and Finn is on high. The tension is palpable and the suspensful plot makes this book a fast and satistying read!


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