Cold Comes The Night


This 2013 movie stars Alice Eve in the lead role as Chloe, a clerk at a rundown motel on a lonely highway pit stop. She lives there with her young daughter Sophia. She is in financial trouble and lets Billy, a corrupt cop, take advantage of her situation. One night, Topo, a nearly-blind career criminal takes Chloe and Sophia hostage, and forces Chloe to be his driver and guide. They set out after Billy, who has stolen Topo’s money from the car. Hoping to escape to a better life, Chloe tries to strike a deal with Topo but soon finds herself in over her head, and a series of double crosses leaves a cloud of mayhem.

I think this is only the second time I’ve seen Alice Eve act, but I’m still not impressed. (I can’t recall when or where I’ve seen her before.) Perhaps, in future, I shall take more time to mull over whether to borrow any DVD movie in which she appears. I would be eager to watch any movie that Ursula Parker (who play Sophia here) appears in, though.


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