Everybody’s Business

everybody's business

I picked this DVD out because I don’t recall it being shown in cinemas. I was curious to know why a local film would have such a large cast (of at least 20 Mediacorp artistes and many more cameos by other well-known entertainers).

The story is a simple one – 22 people came down with food poisoning and a hygiene inspector from the Ministry of National Environment is tasked with finding the answers and traces the source of the contaminated food to an old-school coffee shop run by a cantankerous couple. In the process, an even larger national issue is uncovered – dirty public toilets. To overcome this problem, a new ministry, the Ministry of Toilets, is formed. Eventually, they all realise a simple truth – nobody’s job is easy and that just indentifying a problem is just part of the solution.

I was greatly entertained by this film (in Mandarin, English, Hokkien, Malay and Tamil) because I find it comical. There are many humorous dialogues and caricatures, and I am most impressed with Kumar’s performance! (Kumar is the Drag Queen of Singapore and his live performances (with not inexpensive tickets) are always sold-out. I’ve attended a few of his acts at the Esplanade Theatre and the Esplanade Concert Hall. I’m so glad I didn’t have to pay a single cent this time!)


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