If my memory serves me correctly, this 2014 movis was never screened in cinemas here, so I was eager to find out the reason as it has a four-star rating fron the San Franscisco Chronicle and lauded by the Rolling Stone magazine as being “irresistible, deliciously entertaining”. I was also curious who Jon Faveau is:  I’ve never heard of him, yet he’s the writer, director, producer and leading actor in this movie which boasts a large cast including Sofia Vergara, Scarlett Johansson, Dustin Hoffman, Robert Downing Jr, John Leguizamo, Oliver Platt and child actor Emjoy Anthony.

The plot is a simple one: When gifted chef Carl Cooper suddenly quits his demanding job at a trendy LA restaurant, he’s on his own to pick up the pieces of his once promising career. Finding himself in Miami, he decides to team up with his successful ex-wife, best friend and son to launch a no-frills food truck business. Taking to the road, chef reignites his passion in the kitchen and, along the way, discover a renewed zest for life and love.

After watching it, I conclude that it’s over-rated, except perhaps for people who love to work in the kitchen. Food lovers might have enjoyed feasting their eyes on the succulent meats and an appetising spread of dishes.

Other plus points of the movie include the numerous songs (such as country and blues), ethnic (Cuban and Latin) music, and the spectacular views along the road trip from LA to Miami to New Orleans and Texas.


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