The Devil’s Own


Though this book was first published in 1987, and I have read most of Sandra Brown’s novels, I was surprised to come across it for the first time on a library shelf only last week. I immediately pulled it out and couldn’t wait to start reading, not just because I would borrow and read all Sandra Brown novels without bothering with the synopsis but also because I was curious to know what the story is about and whether it is the book that the movie starring Harrison Ford and Brad Pitt was based on.

Kerry Bishop’s mission is to rescue nine orphans out of Monterico, and she resorts to enlisting the help of a mercenary. She picked Lincoln O’Neal, not realising that he is a renowned and prolific photojournalist. Other than this premise, the book is more about how their romance develops, and I miss the usual suspense, plot twists and pace that I’ve come to associate with Sandra Brown’s novels. Perhaps because it was written about 35 years ago, before her skills were honed to what it is today, this book is not as compelling or enjoyable as I had hoped.

I also doubt this is the book on which the movie was based.


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