Wake Up

wakeupThe dark and quiet night is stark

And filled with desolation

The pain that is deep in my heart

Is more than isolation


Why do we want to escape the past

And forget the precious moment

When we can try and hopefully outlast

The fleeting enchantment


Alone and dreaming of nothingness

I hope one day I’ll stop wondering

If I’m really afraid of loneliness

Or have I merely been procrastinating


I must make an effort to let go

Painful memories and sufferings

Our love is not just at a plateau

It’s time to stop pretending


Love Is Gone


Pouring away my special tea

Is like pouring away my love

Nothing can be done about the tea

But I’ll not let thrown my love


The rain is suddenly pouring

And strong winds are howling

To seek shelter I’ll keep running

Without pause to a safe finishing


It seems love and hate are intertwined –

Both love and hate demand freedom

When love is gone, hate is not far behind

When hate surfaces there’ll be doom


Receeding waves will rise again

Butterflies will seek out flowers again

Your promise I recall with pain

‘Cos love is gone and my wish is in vain



Once love is frozen

Everything becomes still

Tears are not chosen

But overcome with strong will


How do I hold your heart

How do I not think of you

Now that we’re far apart

The future threatens to go askew


I’ve tried not to dream of you

I tell myself repeatedly

That laughter is long overdue

But I somehow freeze suddenly


When things become hard

I must not be shocked

Mistakes I can disregard

But my willpower must not be locked

True Love


How long does one wait

Before true love comes along?

Wouldn’t it be great

If it’s something that’s lifelong?


Decades ago I was youthful

Full of yearning nd passion

Today I discover you’ve been untruthful

And realise you gave me only a ration


Is there a declaration not in vain?

Are sacrifices and pains real?

Could you make it more plain

What your adoration conceal?


There’s no way I can accept

That we’ll go on pretending

That our love is past and swept

As you’ll always be condescending

To Be Drunk

drunkIt does not take liqour

For me to be drunk

It is actually quicker

If your love is sunk


It’s difficult to erase

The image of your smile

But I’ll learn to replace

That with what’s worthwhile


I’ll try not to recall

How you were my world

And made it seem so small

When secrets were unfurled


It’s best I keep busy

And learn from experience

Instead of staying dizzy

And cry of inexperience



If there’s a tomorrow

What would you embrace?

If there’s no tomorrow

How could we interlace?


There’re things we can’t deny:

Some things are overblown

But others we comply

Or hope we can postpone


We’ll remind ourselves to be aware

Of how we must forge on

But we forgot beauty was just there

Waiting for us like chiffon


Who is really concerned

Whether we’re cold or not?

If no more hurt is turned

Would we be in a knot?

1,234 QI Facts To Leave You Speechless


This is quite an interesting book compiled by John Lloyd, John Mitchinson and James Harkin. I shall list only 20 of the 1,234 examples:

  • The face of the average man has 30,000 whiskers.
  • The world champ of French Scrabble doesn’t speak French.
  • There are nineteen languages on Earth with only one speaker left.
  • It takes 50 glasses of water to grow the orange to make one glass of orange juice.
  • Most Indonesians speak Indonesian as a second language.
  • There are four million songs on Spotify that have never been played.
  • Composer Erik Satie only ate white food.
  • The Pope is not allowed to be an organ donor because his body “belongs to the church”.
  • The Wright brothers only flew together once. Their father forbade it in case they crashed.
  • Newspapers correct fewer that 2% of their mistakes.
  • Rod Stewart lost his job as a wallpaper designer because he was colour-blind.
  • Abraham Lincoln was a licensed bartender.
  • More people in the world have mobile phones that have flush toilets.
  • Japan is home to 5.52 million vending machines.
  • There is a city in Japan called Obama.
  • Jack Nicholson once got detention in school every single day for a year.
  • Humans have shorter attention spans than goldfish.
  • Issac Newton walked out of the only opera he ever attended.
  • Emily Bronte, who wrote Wuthering Heights, and Kate Bush, who sang Wuthering Heights, were both born on 30 July, 140 years apart.
  • Two people die, somewhere on Earth, every second.