Express Housekeeping


For the longest time, I’ve wondered how to speed clean and do as little tasks as possible in the house. Now, I’ve finally found a book that proclaims expert tips, tricks and time-saving strategies that will help me complete tasks at maximum speed and efficiency.

Some of the best tips are:

  • Keeping the house in order is halfway to keeping it clean.
  • Tackle jobs promptly and do little often.
  • Speed cleaning – Be selective,  Dispose of rubbish,  Clean the tables,  Clean the kitchen sink,  Tidy the living room,  Deal with chairs and sofas, Whizz around the bathroom

After reading the book, which also includes tips on Washing Up, Clothes and Laundry, Removing Stains and Coping with Children and Pets, I realise I’ve been doing much of what is recommended. Or else they were more practical  in countries with the four seasons (like London where it was first published) and not in hot and humid Singapore (which is where, ironically, this edition was printed and bound). Still, I find it useful to be reminded about

Effective Decluttering:

  • Have bags and boxes ready
  • Label things
  • Clean as you go
  • Be tough
  • Ask yourself the magic questions (or “If in doubt, throw it out.”)
  • One in, one out
  • Bin as a last resort
  • Set limits



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