1,234 QI Facts To Leave You Speechless


This is quite an interesting book compiled by John Lloyd, John Mitchinson and James Harkin. I shall list only 20 of the 1,234 examples:

  • The face of the average man has 30,000 whiskers.
  • The world champ of French Scrabble doesn’t speak French.
  • There are nineteen languages on Earth with only one speaker left.
  • It takes 50 glasses of water to grow the orange to make one glass of orange juice.
  • Most Indonesians speak Indonesian as a second language.
  • There are four million songs on Spotify that have never been played.
  • Composer Erik Satie only ate white food.
  • The Pope is not allowed to be an organ donor because his body “belongs to the church”.
  • The Wright brothers only flew together once. Their father forbade it in case they crashed.
  • Newspapers correct fewer that 2% of their mistakes.
  • Rod Stewart lost his job as a wallpaper designer because he was colour-blind.
  • Abraham Lincoln was a licensed bartender.
  • More people in the world have mobile phones that have flush toilets.
  • Japan is home to 5.52 million vending machines.
  • There is a city in Japan called Obama.
  • Jack Nicholson once got detention in school every single day for a year.
  • Humans have shorter attention spans than goldfish.
  • Issac Newton walked out of the only opera he ever attended.
  • Emily Bronte, who wrote Wuthering Heights, and Kate Bush, who sang Wuthering Heights, were both born on 30 July, 140 years apart.
  • Two people die, somewhere on Earth, every second.

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