I did not watch this 2015 film at the cinema because the trailer was not appealing though I had never regretted watching any movie starring Robert Redford or Cate Blanchett.

Promoted as “One of the finest films about journalism” (New York Observer), Truth is based on the book ‘Truth and Duty” by Mary Mapes (played by Blanchett), who had been in the news for 20 years, a two-time Emmy Award-winning CBS news journalist, who didn’t have a radical feminist agenda and had done jail time for not revealing her sources.

There was an interesting recurring theme in her stories: “I don’t like bullies”. Her work as a producer was to find the story, put the team together, and then write and cut the piece. One of her team members was Dan Rather (played by Redford), a top  news anchor at CBS.

Together, Mapes, Rather and their team unearthed a story “so big” that “it’s crazy it was kept secret for so long”. It was to be one of the most important piece of journalism of the decade for which Mapes was fired.

By the end of the film, I found I was still neither touched nor impressed, not even by the few songs and a string quartet by Mozart! I’m glad I watched it on DVD though, thanks to the good collection at the public librarry!


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