Together Apart


He has played you like a harp

And brought you so much pleasure

Best to keep your senses sharp

To see what you should treausre


Like a special harmony

Together you’ve created,

Centre of a symphony

That you’ve both orchestrated.


There’s an unique undertone

Of emotion like acid

Something unknown when alone

Or calm, quiet and placid


Acid that would sear the heart

Unknown risks and dangers

All would tear you both apart

And then you’ll become strangers


2 thoughts on “Together Apart

  1. Florence

    I like the oxymoron – Together Apart.

    also the gentleness of the harp linked so beautifully with your references to music:

    A Harp needs harmony, symphony, That you’ve both orchestrated, a reference to the instrument THE HARP and the PLAYER. You need both to be in harmony to get that symphony – TOGETHER

    Then again if no harmony – the UNKNOWN DANGERS – APART you become.

    Great poem.

    Cheers Mary




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