I first read this novel 2o years ago. When I chanced upon it again, I decided to relive the 1930s, the Golden Age of Hollywood. The history of Hollywood is often rooted in events which were not intended to see the light of day and this is part of its mystery.

This book tells the story of

Kate Hamilton who is plucked from obscurity to the greatest stardom Hollywood could create but can never escape her past,

Eve Sinclair who is the consummate profesional, a child star who made it as a grown woman and

Joseph Knight, handsome, enigmatic and the hottest produced/director in town, who conquers poverty and violence to get to the top.

These three characters are bound together by links of love and sorrow, secrecy and pain. Their story is the story of the movies: the glamour, corruption and betrayal, of passion and death and the price that all must pay for a few moments of joy.

The final irony of life in Hollywood is a power of illusion that is greater than reality itself.

I find that many things change after 20 years, including how I feel about the same story. There are a lot of parallels between life in Holywood and life as denizens of the world see it. As Elizabeth Gage has great talent in weaving spellbinding tales, I hope to re-read her other novels, like A Glimpse of Stocking, Pandora’s Box, The Master Stroke, The Hour Glass, Confession and Against All Odds.


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