Despite 68 bestsellers, Sandra Brown’s books are still tantalizing. This latest one jolts from the first page. This is a heart-pounding stsory of corruption, treachery and ceaseless deception, where nothing is what it seems and every truth brought to light exposes a darker lie.

Jordie Bennett is abducted by Shaw Kinnard after he killed his partner, Mickey Bolden. Both men were employed by Billy Panella, the man behind a big scam and other crimes.

There are non-stop plot twists and it is more that half way into the book before it is revealed that Shaw is actually a covert FBI Special Agent after Josh Bennett (Jordie’s fugitive brother who works for Panella).

So, is Jordie in on her brother’s scam (which caused the death of Shaw’s parents when their retirement fund was scammed) or is she an innocent pawn (because Josh is spoilt and piled guilt on his sister for ‘destroying’ his ‘entire life’)?

What is Jordie’s other connection with Panella, and what will happen to her? Is Shaw really remorseless and manipulative? All these kept me turning the pages as quickly as I could and I managed to get the answers after slightly more than one day.


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