Hearing Loss


Hearing loss can make a person cranky

Turning up the volume of everything

Or tilting the head and looking blankly

Or cupping the hands behind the ears that ring

Trying hard to make sense of some words spoken

But so often these are wildly broken

The lysics are “There’s bad moon on the rise”

But sounds like “There’s a bathroom on the right” *

‘Cos consonants are spoken more softly

They are also higher-pitched than vowels

Because of these they get drowned easily

By the background noise muffled by towels

There’s no need for so much to be missing

If hearing issues are soon dealt with

Treble notes need not be reminiscing

And even the bass notes will become lithe

All it takes are a pair of hearing aids:

Automatic volume for sounds;

Good ones come fitted with certain upgrades:

Directional microphones to boost sounds

* Creedence Clearwater Revival’s song “Bad Moon Rising”


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