The Wedding Diary


This 2011 DVD sounded familiar; I may have watched it before but couldn’t remember what’s good or bad, so I decided to watch it again, if only to see a few familiar faces like Malaysian singer Aniu, Singaporean singer Maggie Teng and local actor Zhu Houren.

The movie opens with a beautiful night view of the Esplanade area and the Marina Bay circuit. It then zooms in on the wedding banquet of Aniu. From here, it’s all about how this wedding has caused Aniu (a simple, honest, shy and stubborn engineer) to spend over his budget – the total bill is $108,288 (an “auspicious” number?).

Besides reflecting what young couples go through to have a ‘dream’ wedding, the movie also attempts to show the many customs (Cantonese vs Hokkien, Singaporeans vs Malaysians, the rich vs the not-so-well-to-do) and expenses involved; for eg the tea ceremony, the wedding basket, the gowns, the rings, the banquet tables and much more.

There are attempts to make the movie a humorous one, and there’s one scene that reminds me of the story on the internet about the Fisherman and the Businessman. People who have never heard of this story may have thought the scriptwriter brilliant and original.

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