This 2008 movie stars Uma Thurman, and I picked it because I’d recently written a poem with the same title. Eliza Welsha (Thurman) is a stay-at-home mum of two, soon-to-be 6-year-old Clara (Daisy Tahan) and 3-year-old Lucas (played by twins David & Matthew Schallipp). Her husband Avery (Anthony Edwards) is a scatter-brain, has a habit of disappearing when she needs him most, and relies on her to put everything together. Her best friend is single-mum Sheila (Minnie Driver).

The story is extremely reality-based: life at the present moment. Eliza’s day seems endless when her car gets towed away while she plans Clara’s birthday party, ande she still has an essay she has to submit before the fast-approaching deadline for a motherhood magazine. I empathise when she bemoans the fact that her days can become delibilitating while Avery gets to go out to work and meet adults and have normal, adult conversations because she’s a person who also has something worthwhile to say. She also has dreams of a better life. What she really thinks and feel matters but motherhood is all-consuming and it’s a heartbreaking fact that it’s difficult to hold on to her own true self.

The movie moves at a rather fast pace, with about a dozen upbeat music like Pylon’s “Stop It” and Kesha’s “Former Overexposed Blond”. There are also traditional tunes like “Skip To My Lou”, “Hush Little Baby” and “Happy Birthday To You” as well as Rossini’s “Largo” (from The Barber Of Seville).


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