Singapore Char Siew Baos


This morning’s performance by Singapore Char Siew Baos (from L to R: Dominic – saxaphone & vocals, Jacob – guitar & vocals, Ruby – drums & vocals, Yung Lun – guitar) is the second time I’ve watched them live. The last time, also at the same venue (Esplanade Recital Studio), they sang English songs. I first got to know this band about nine years ago when they took part in a TV Talent Show (in English).

Called “All About Love”, I expected the concert to be full of love songs by different singers. Hence, I was a bit disappointed that they were not; most were Teresa Teng’s songs and others were in Mandarin (by Zhao Quan, Yu Tian, Zhang Lu & Yu Ya) or Hokkien (including the theme song from local movie 881).

A surprise guest was well-known musician Wu Jia Ming, who played the keyboard throughout. I assume he has a hand in the music arrangement, such as infusing a bossa nova style into a Japanese tune (Teng’s song, I Care Only For You) and arranging Zhao’s rock song I’m Just a Small Little Bird into a funky version.

What I liked best were Dominic’s rich, deep and powerful vocals and his brilliant playing of the saxaphone. I hope they would return in the near future to do covers of English songs.


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