The Singles Game


Never one to pay much attention to the sports section in the newspapers, I have only a flimsy knowledge of tennis. It is purely coincidental that I happened to be reading this book during a major tennis season: one day after I started on the book, the Front Page carried a large, colour photograph of the laterst winner of a Grand Slam title and the accompanying news mentioned this is the winner’s 18th grand Slam title – and 5th Asian Open win – and that he is the oldest (at 35) winner since 1972.

The Singles Game is the latest novel written by Laura Weisberger in 2016. The theme is tennis, and I learnt quite a bit about tennis tournaments and the countries involved : French Open, Australia, Indian Wells, Singapore (mentioned three times in the book), Dubai, Shanghai, Melbourne, Toronto, London and Wimbeldon.

“Wusses don’t win Slams.” It’s the same in tennis as is in life: nice guys lose.

Charlotte Silver has played tennis fron a young age and it is her dream to win the Wimbeldon. She engages an infamously brutal coach and enters a world of stylists, private parties, Hollywood royalty and glamour, and sponsorships (eg Nike, Swarovski, Rolex), for which she pays a high price.

The book is not only entertaining but also informative and touching. The ending pages brought tears to my eyes. I can’t wait to read another book by Laura Weisberger; while waiting for her next book to be published, I hope I can find the only book that I haven’t read: Last Night at Chateau Marmont.


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