Love In The Afternoon and other delights


So far, all the novels by Penny Vincenzi that I’ve read (eg Forbidden Places, Dilemma, Almost A Crime, No Angel, Something Dangerous, Sheer Abandon, An Absolute Scandal) are big and fat (like 750 – 800 pages) super-reads (though engrossing and gripping), so the discovering this collection of short stories is a pleasant delight.

There are ten short stories and another ten articles/interviews in this book; my favourite is Love In The Afternoon, and I enjoyed reading the second section of the book:

In Love In The Afternoon, Anna visited her grandfather in the nursing home every  other Sunday afternoon. She left behind her leather-bound notebook which he had given her to note down a few details of the stories he told her. When he died, his girlfriend was entrusted with it…. Towards the end of the story, Anna began visiting Mrs Rose Lesley on Sunday afternoons… I can imagine this story being adapted into a screenplay.

From the other articles and interviews, I learnt that Penny Vincenzi finds that getting older is a wonderful thing as, being not quite so young is permission to be outrageous; she’s an only child and loved school for the company of friends, there’s no such thing as a perfect anything, she has always wanted to write and began as a junior secretary and learnt how to put a magazine together, writing blockbusters about glossy lifestyles and got ideas for a good book by talking to people, and that a writer’s day is less interesting than watching paint dry.



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