I went to watch this movie hoping for another history lesson, but what I gained was  beautiful original music (except for some Vivaldi and music from Camelot) composed by Mica Levi. I hope it wins the Academy Award for Best Original Score, one of three nominations. (The others are for Best Costume and Best Actress.)

The opening cello music portends that the tone for this movie would be sad and sombre. Indeed, the first frame of Jackie (Natalie Portman) is an expression of utter devastation.

The only historical facts I learnt were that Kennedy was sworn into office in 1961 and assassinated in Massachusettes in 1963; that his wife was the youngest of the 29 wives to live in the White House; that many of the objects and artifacts in the House last longer than people and that these represent history; that the East Room has a square-shaped grand piano with eagle support designed by Franklin Roosevelt; and that their two young children were buried next to their father.

Unless one is a fan of Natalie Portman (who does a fabulous job here), only the original music (and the performance of a Vivaldi piano trio) makes this worth the price of the admission ticket.


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