John Wick Chapter 2


Curious why the first John Wick movie was such a global hit, and curious about a video-game-inspired world, I decided to watch some run-shoot-kick-stab violence in antithesis to a serious and sombre mood.

I thought I could catch on to the story though I had not watched the first installment. All I was able to discern after 122 minutes was that John Wick is a man, a myth and a legend who is not very good at retiring.

The music helped in driving up the adrenaline each time there was sudden chasing (on foot or vehicle)/shooting/kicking/stabbing (so violent that I had to shut my eyes several times) – it could be frantic string music or even a tutti. In the ‘quieter’ moments, soft Baroque music (perhaps Bach or Vivaldi) could be heard. Credit must be given to those who worked behind the scenes, especially the location scouts, the camera operators, the sound mixer and of course those in charge of the visual and special effects, and the stunt doubles and choreographers for the stunts.

The 122 minutes surely passed more quickly that the 100 minutes for Jackie (reviewed in my last post). Maybe I would understand Fifty Shades Darker despite not having watched the first installment nor read any of the books (and I never will, having flipped to a page of a sample copy at a book store and was instantly repulsed) in the trilogy.


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